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27.10.23, 16:00

Music Club Munich - Margot-Kalinke-Straße 3, 80939 München

ü18, indoor


Hey guys,
We are very excited to announce the lineup for our next event on the 27th of October.
It will take place at a new location with a two stage concept - "Main Stage" & "Groovetop Stage".

In addition to the announced event, we have managed to organise a pre-hour for you, which takes place from 19:00 to 22:00, when our party begins!

Be sure to get ready for our special guest @_znzl_, who will be performing a live set for you!
We're excited to have so many of our local artists and good friends on board.
Look forward to @b0i8a9, @dmt.aiff,, @liz.soundrausch, @mxml_vwrrt,,, @stz.alex and @xcs_music.

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