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Initiation Ritual
Pirahā People

16.12.22, 21:00

Feierwerk, Hansastraße, München

ü18, indoor

Initiation Ritual

Pirahã People - Initiation Ritual by Deep Thought Productions & friends
► 8 International & National Producer & DJs
► Hypnotic Techno Sidefloor & Night Psychedelic Trance Mainfloor



►ERITAS (Sangoma Records/Root Sector Records - Germany)

►ATEZU ( Woo-Dog Records - Italy)

☉☉ DJS ☉☉

►NAIMA (Sangoma Records - Austria)

►sG4rY (Sangoma Records/Pirahã People - Munich)

►NILKANTH (Woo-Dog Records/Pirahã People - Italy/Munich)

꧁ HYPNOTIC TECHNO FLOOR (hosted by Fur:ther Sessions) ꧂

☉☉ DJS ☉☉

►JOHN PLAZA (Linderluft Records/Fur:ther Sessions - Chile/Spain)

►CHUHA (Fur:ther Sessions - Bavaria)

►ARTJOM SCHMIDT (Fur:ther Sessions - Augsburg)

*** Deco ***

OmOptix (Cosmic Gathering)

▁▃▅▇ all you need to know ▇▅▃▁

✘ Geburtstagskinder vom 16. und 17.12. dürfen Gratis feiern!
✘ Tickets nur an der Abendkasse:
bis 24 Uhr: 20 Euro
Ab 0 Uhr: 22 Euro
Kombiticke mit "Breakt it Down" (DrumnBase im "Sunny Red"): 27 Euro

Einlass ab 18 Jahren!
No Drugs, no Dogs, no Ducks!
No Racism! No Sexism! Wer stört fliegt!
Bitte ladet eure Freunde ein und teilt die Veranstaltung fleißig!

▁▃▅▇ location ▇▅▃▁
Kranhalle im Feierwerk
Hansastr. 39 - München
Anfahrt mit den öffentlichen:
Bus 62 und 130 sowie Nachtlinien N43 und N44 halten direkt vor der Haustür. Haltestelle "Hansapark".
Weitere Haltestellen in der Nähe: Heimeranplatz (U4, U5, S7, S20, Bus 63) und Baumgartnerstraße (Bus 134)


Once upon a time group of spaghetti eating potato heads - namely Tonio from @deep thought productions, Andrea a.k.a. @Nilkanth / WooDog Records and sG4rY from the Sangoma Squad - decided to get together and throw psychedelic parties in Munich. As they continuously struggle to find a language in which they all feel comfortable to talk and express themselves without misunderstandings, their research for a name turned out to be a rather tricky one until one day …

They found out about a Southern American tribal society called the Pirahã. They are an indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. There appears to be no social hierarchy; the Pirahã have no formal leaders. The Pirahã language is most notable as the subject of various controversial claims, which appeared to be interesting fort he wicked Munich-based fellows looking for a name to brand their ventures. Using just a few tones and vowels, they managed to establish a complex linguistic system, which even their native speakers are struggling to understand. Additionally, an anthropologist researching reports about their lack of interest in learning other than just vague ways of counting:

"The crucial thing is that the Pirahã have not borrowed any numbers—and they want to learn to count. They asked me to give them classes in Brazilian numbers, so for eight months I spent an hour every night trying to teach them how to count. And it never got anywhere, except for a few of the children. Some of the children learned to do reasonably well, but as soon as anybody started to perform well, they were sent away from the classes. It was just a fun time to eat popcorn and watch me write things on the board."

Seeing no meaning in formalized education and social hierarchies is a way to approach psychedelic culture and music which immediately suited to the tough trio planning their events in Munich. As cultural appropriation with dirty dreadlocks and tribal tattoos seems a common thing in the Psychedelic Trance Culture, the choice of how to name their events was an easy one. Expect their twisted tribal rituals in an undefined frequency coming soon to a stake near to you!

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