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WIR X Rote Sonne incl. Afterhour
WIR Records

8.12.23, 22:00

Rote Sonne, München

indoor, Ü18

WIR X Rote Sonne incl. Afterhour


23:00 - 02:00 itzabel

02:00 - 04:00 Martin Menge

04:00 - 06:00 Black Cali 

06:00 - 08:00 Somniac One 

08:00 - Ende  CLOSURE 

@somniac_one is a Lithuanian DJ and producer whose powerful sound and aesthetics have made her one of industrial and underground music’s most sought after names.

Somniac One’s sound is intense, atmosphere-driven and technically precise. Her fierce kicks, combined with distinct and innovative sound design have made her one of the most respected artists from hardcore’s new wave of producers.

@itz_a_bel is a local DJ from Munich and resident at Ravescape. itzabel's sounds are mainly found in HardTechno and Industrial. She also produces her own music and regularly enchants the crowd with her raw sound.

@black_cali_666 is the next artist who will blow your musical expectations with his dark, driving sound coming from the deepest emotions of the soul. His opening will be the entrance into a hellishly good night.

Rhythmic, melodic, energetic, driving, thoughtful. His tracks are hard to put into words. His unique style speaks for itself and he has now made a name for himself in the Munich techno scene. CLOSURE is an integral part of the Rote Sonne, Untreated and WIR. You can enjoy it what he will create musically again.

And last but not least Martin Menge, he is not only a resident at WIR, but also one of the label heads of WIR. With his meticulous kind of perfectionism he designs his sets well thought out from the beginning. He impresses with his gritty, hard and strong sound. You can be curious what he will serve musically..

We see you at the Dancefloor!


-Box Office: 18 Euro
-WIR Door selection
-The owner of a WIR card will get access to the event via "Fast Lane".
-incl. Afterhour

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