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Groove Raiderz

13.6.24, 20:00

Bahnwärter Thiel, Tumblingerstraße, München

ü18, indoor


We continue tirelessly to realize our vision. Summer has begun and we are continually working on further concepts and creating new spaces of freedom with you. At this point it should be said that you put us in a state of astonished euphoria with your energy at our last open air and we would like to express our thanks to you for this.

You gave us one of the biggest evenings in the history of our existence at the first Bahnwärter Thiel Edition. It was hard to describe in words how many of you supported us on a Thursday. From the first minute to the last you were with us in a symbiosis of joy and exuberance. We would therefore like to announce to you that we can announce a second event together with the @bahnwaerterthiel . We would also like to welcome our artists Rosan and Tata as well as Heller who will be celebrating their debut there this evening. Stay tuned for what we will offer you.


Sarica b2b Rosan [Grooveraiderz]
Tata [Grooveraiderz]
Vaever [Grooveraiderz]

Second Floor hostes by @deepconfusion_events


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