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Isar Bass
IsarBass Kollektiv

22.12.23, 21:00

DNA Club, Atelierstraße, München

indoor, Ü18

Isar Bass

/// TAKEOVER Experience the Heartbeat of Munich’s Subcultural Scene with Isarbass!  Isarbass stands as a cornerstone of Munich’s underground rave scene, synonymous with hypnotic parties, musical diversity, and unbeatable vibes. The crew’s passion resonates in their self-crafted tech, relentless dedication, and obsessive attention to detail. Whether it’s under a bridge, within a rave bunker, or on a festival stage, Isarbass delivers an electrifying experience.  No stranger to grand sound systems, bespoke lighting, and atmospheric fog, they eagerly take over the DNA Club for an unforgettable evening.  Join us for an immersion into the pulsating world of Isarbass, where the spirit of Munich’s underground comes alive.  /// DATES ➤ 22.12.23, 22-06 ➤ DNA Club, Atelierstraße 14, 81671 München ➤ Pre-Tix 12€ ➤  /// LINE UP (A-Z) ➤ Der J ➤ Elijah ➤ Lost One ➤ Mario Merkur ➤ Max Unhold  /// MORE indoor, 18+  TELL EVERYBODY!

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